Akan Day of Birth Names and Appellations (Male/Female)

In Ghana, amongst various ethnic groups, there is an automatic name for a child depending on the day that he/she is born.

In addition to the names, the Akan ethnic group also has appellations for the various names. Below are the names (according to day of birth) and the related appellations.

Day of BirthFemale nameFemale AppellationMale NameMale AppellationEthnicity
WednesdayAkuaObirisuo, Obisi or OdaakuoKwakuAtobi, Daaku or BonsamAkan
ThursdayYaaBusuoYawPreko or Opereba Akan
FridayAfia/AfuaBaafi/NkosoKofiKyini, Ntiful or BaboneAkan
SaturdayAmaNyamewa or AdomaKwameAtoapoma, Oteanankannuro Akan

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Compiled by GCP team

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