Agyin Asare blasts Doctors

The Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel, Charles Agyin Asare, has admonished Doctors working in public hospitals to stop shortchanging the government by referring patients to their private clinics.

He said 2015 is a year of fruitfulness and must not be used to perpetuate wrongdoing against the State. “[Doctors] who work in the Government hospitals will not refer people from the Government hospitals to their private clinic because they want extra money,” Agyin Asare said in a sermon on Wednesday December 31, 2014 to cross over into the New Year.

Apart from Doctors, Agyin Asare also urged medical workers to stop giving “false diagnosis in order to get people to pay for more medication.”

“He said: “Nurses should be very accommodating to patients to patients and treat them as their relatives and not as a nuisance.”

The public health sector in Ghana is fraught with issues concerning Doctors welfare – a situation which has frequently caused them to go on strike.

It is common practice in Ghana for Doctors to work in both Government and private hospitals as a way of raking in more money.

Also throwing similar admonishing to Teachers in the public sector, Agyin Asare said such Teachers should stop shortchanging their students because the private classes they hold for them.

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