Agyepong’s boy denies busing Afoko protesters

afoko-lawyerlist-1-596x330Davies Opoku Ansah, a special assistant to the General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwabena Agyepong, has rejected accusations he mobilized protesters believed to be supporters of suspended chairman Paul Afoko, to the party’s head office on Thursday.

Close to two hundreds them thronged the NPP’s headquarters in Accra to protest the suspension of Paul Afoko.

They said they are unhappy with the decision to suspend Afoko and demanded his reinstatement in a petition presented to an official of the party.

They also asked the party to allow Mr. Kwabena Agyepong to operate as the General Secretary without interference.Prior to the protest march, Mr. Kwabena Agyepong’s special assistant was captured in a picture standing few meters away from one of the buses that conveyed to the protesters to the venue from various parts of the country.

The said picture was widely circulated on social media, but speaking on Eyewitness News, Davies Opuku Ansah popularly known as OPK, denied the claims but argued there was nothing wrong with what the protesters did.

“These are constituency officers of our party, front line soldiers…these are people who have come from across the country to express themselves and to petition the party and make their grievances known to the party leadership. And I think we need to give them that kind of respect. It’s insulting to say that I went to mobilize them. These are people who have served the party for close to 25 years.”

According to Davies Opoku, he was in a meeting with some constituency officers at the Press Centre at the time the protest was taking place and was never close to the party head office.

“These are officers of the party I’ve been dealing with all the time. These are officers I have visited in their constituencies on a number of times. And if any of them is in Accra and calls that they want to talk to me and people see everything wrong with it…I’m not shy of my constituency officers. I’m very proud of them and what they are doing and I know that they will deliver victory for the party in 2016.”

Davies Opoku also opined that, the constituency officers sought to relay the problems  caused by Mr. Afoko’s suspension in their various constituencies.

“For all you know, the supposed suspension of Paul Afoko is causing a lot of problems in the constituencies. Let us not create that impression that constituency officers coming to visit us in Accra is a challenge. We should be proud. The statement they are getting from the grassroots of the party, is what they are presenting in the form of a petition to the party telling the party that the decision that was taken was detrimental and that we should accept it and move forward.”


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