Agya Koo’s Wife Opens Up…


The newly wedded wife of ace actor Agya Koo, Rita Asiedu has disclosed that, her husband has her full support, as he continues with his career in the movie industry.

“I support my husband and his chosen career. I will pray for him, take care of his home and family. Good things have been coming our way ever since we got together “.

Rita Asiedu in her first media interview with said ‘’there is a saying that, behind every successful man there is a woman so I want be a strong, wise and hardworking woman behind my husband”.

“I am proud of my husband because of the sacrifices he has made; I’m praying to stop any bad energy from coming to him. I will make sure he is in the right place. I’m encouraging him to stay strong when there are difficulties,” she added.


Source: SeanCitygh

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