Afro Praise Medley Lyrics by Sonnie Badu

Songs with lyrics (full list)

In Shona – Zimbabwe)
Hakuna wakaita sa Jesu, (There’s no one compared to Jesus)
Hakuna wakaita sa Yee (There’s no one like Him)
Hakuna wakaita sa Jesu (There’s no one compared to Jesus)
Hakuu hakuchina (There is no other name)

Nda manya manya, kwese, kwese (I have searched everywhere)
Ndatenderera, kwese, kwese (I have run around everywhere )
Nda tsvaga tsvaga, kwese, kwese (I have looked around everywhere)
Hakuu hakuchina (There’s no other name)

(In Sotho – South Africa)
Iyo hlonolofatsa, Iyo hlonolofatsa (Iyo Bless, Iyo Bless,)
Iyo ka lebtso la Ntate (Iyo, The name of the father)

(Still in Sotho)
Jehova, O lefika laka (Jehovah, you’re my Rock of Ages)

24-7 I will praise you Jehovah
24-7 I will praise your Holy Name

(In Pidgin – Nigeria)
This kind God oo, I never see your type oo
This kind God oo, Blessed be your holy name

(In Twi – Ghana)
Woayoo, Woayoo, Woayoo ewurade ye oheni (He has done it, God is king)
Woayoo, Woayoo, Woayoo ewurade ye oheni (He has done it, God is king)

(In Lingala – Congo)
Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh kumama Yahweh (Yahweh/God be Praised)
Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh kumama Yahweh (God be Praised)

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