Afriwave contract: There was no fraud – NCA replies IMANI


The National Communications Authority (NCA) has denied claims they fraudulently awarded the license for the establishment of an Interconnect Clearing House (ICH) to Afriwave Telecom Ghana Limited.

The Authority had established an independent Application Evaluation Process (AEP) for the selection of a clearing house to carry out the job.

Afriwave was subsequently selected ahead of four other companies which bid for the contract, but policy think tank, IMANI Ghana, raised red flag over Afriwave’s selection, describing it as fraudulent, farcical and an imposition.

Although the NCA had released a statement earlier to explain the processes used in awarding the contract, it held a a new conference today [Thursday] to clarify the issues again.

The Director General of the NCA, William Tevie said the process was fair and transparent. According to Mr. Tevie, the NCA is fully convinced that there was no fraud or rigging in the selection process for the ICH license and any attempt to prove otherwise is misleading.

“The NCA wishes to clearly state that the assertion raised in the public domain is regrettable and unfortunately misleading…” Mr. Tevie however noted, that the AEP noticed some discrepancies in the scores awarded to the competing firms but moved to correct them.

“The AEP in preparation of the report transferred the scores from Excel to Microsoft word. They then noticed that there were some errors with regards to the scores in which situation the errors were corrected and there are verifiable correspondence to that effect,” he explained.

Mr Tevie indicated that Afriwave was still the highest scoring firm following the corrections saying, “It should be noted that after the corrections, the total scores remained the same with Afriwave having obtained the most points.”


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