African Prints Accessories Every Man Should Have In His Closet

Kente Tie

Damn! its quiet amazing the accessories some Fashion designers have made out of African prints. To begin, I want to draw every man’s attention to the fact that nothing looks more acceptable and attractive like being cultured, Of course we can’t move around in wrapped African cloth and some indigenous cap like it’s done traditionally, so what is the smart way to look dapper and still have that African culture touch in your appearance. I will list some really cool accessories that will make you look exceptionally great if you patronize them.

  • The necktie
  • Cufflinks
  •  Pocket Square Handkerchiefs

A necktie obviously is a classic piece that cannot be ruled out from your wardrobe. Lemme just put it in this way, men who wear tie have the advantage,”Quamebillz” said so. lemme start by giving out some few advantages men-in-tie have.

Ties Frames the Face;The tie is like an arrow to the face, drawing attention upwards for improved communication.

Ties are a Focal Point;Each outfit needs a focal point, somewhere for the eye to rest.  Particularly when in a color, the tie becomes a focal point.

Ties are Perceived as Professional.  With case studies that have been conducted, we have found that men perceive the tie as most business-like

Ties are Slimming;The tie brings attention into the middle for a slimming effect.

Women Love A Man in a Tie.

With the above merits you get when you wear a tie, every man would like to own some but i recommend the African print tie for both men in Africa and the Western world because hey its so cool with brilliant patterns and trust me you will look amazing and stand out among others.tie 1

African prints Pocket square handkerchiefs comes with the tie’s as we know, my only tip is that make sure your pocket square and the knot or bow tie has the same fabric to create that harmony and connection you want.

pocket square

Lastly lets deal with the cufflinks, cufflinks are not really trending as it used to some years ago but then its also another classic masterpiece that we can consider buying when shopping and once again it looks so cool in African prints as well.

cufflinks 2


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