African Print Kimonos Are Setting Trends, Let Us Know Your Favourite Styles Inside


Last week we told you we were bringing Aphia Sakyi Jewelry and we brought it, next week we are bringing a range of Kimono Jackets in partnership with Accra Fashion Week and you need to get your hands on one.

Ghana has set the pace for print fashion, and Wax print is one of the most relevant fabrics in recent times because of its persistence and impact in the fashion industry as well as the different styles you can sew and rock with the Ankara. Kimono jackets are one major hit with Ankara.

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These Ankara kimono jackets are staples for this summer time because they are breezy jackets that fits all irrespective of your size or shape. A major figure forgiving cloth which gives an instant chic look to whatever it is being worn with is one of the fashionable thing about these jackets.

Coming in two forms; full coverage which is long and the mini or midi dress style which goes just a few inches below your hips or few inches above your ankles, it can incorporated into different outings including the work looks.

Here are some examples below. Let us know your favourite.

print kimonos










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