African leaders must deal with unemployment – Group


The Returnees Diaspora Integrated Development Organization (RIDEO) has charged African countries to stop proffering goodwill messages and deal with the soaring unemployment situation and the threat of terrorism on the continent.

RIDEO’s message was released to mark African Union Day celebrated yesterday, Wednesday.

In a statement issued on AU day, the corporate Affairs Director at RIDEO, Andrew Atariwini, noted that, “we are taking time off to rest when many of the youth in countries celebrating the day have given up regardless of the exploits in academia to queuing up at embassies of foreign countries in search of things their motherland failed to offer them”.

Mr. Atariwini said several thousands of Africans lose their lives yearly on the Mediterranean “but our African leaders are still in their long slumber.”

“We are celebrating the day when thousandsro of African migrants lost their lives on the Mediterranean while several others have lost their lives attempting to enter Europe via illegal means.

We are applauding ourselves when there seem to be no clear cut strategy of curbing the porous security network in Ghana and Africa”.

RIDEO finally called on all sons of Africa to push leaders of the continent to work in the interest of the masses.

“Our sense of nationalism must not only be our national identity but aggregating our efforts in making Ghana and Africa that which was envisage and champion by Kwame Nkrumah, Jomo Kenyatta, Patrice Lumumba among a host of other Pan Africans”.



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