Africa Must Be Free Africa, Freedom Day

April 15, 1961

On the occasion of the third anniversary of Africa Freedom Day, I am happy to send you this message. The continued struggle of Africans and people of African descent against centuries of imperialist domination and colonialist exploitation, and for their right to freedom and independence, has been a peculiarly difficult one; it has nevertheless been carried out relentlessly and with ever-increasing determination and strength. Today, on our great continent of Africa, we find the evil forces of colonialism and imperialism on the retreat.

It is true that in this bitter struggle, we have achieved successes unprecedented in the annals of colonial history. We should, however, never allow ourselves to be deceived into a state of passive complacency. There are living millions of Africans languishing in colonial bondage and living in the most wretched conditions in many parts of this continent. The revival of colonialism in the Congo is sufficient evidence and warning of the treacherous character of imperialism and its menace even to independent states and of the danger of the new colonialism which is more subtle but equally vicious.

We in Ghana regard our independence as meaningless, unless it is closely linked up with the total liberation of Africa. Together with our brothers, we are carrying on the struggle for the liberation and unity of Africa and shall continue in this struggle, until every inch of African soil has been liberated and every vestige of colonial oppression and suppression has been eliminated. The destiny of Africans everywhere is inseparably linked by our common heritage, common ideals and aspirations. It develops upon all African leaders, and the leaders of people of African descent, to unite in pursuit of our common objective —the total liberation of Africa and the union of independent African states. Only in this way can we constitute ourselves into a force sufficiently formidable to crush colonialism and imperialism utterly and completely from the face of this continent.

I send warm greetings and fraternal good wishes to all African freedom fighters everywhere. Let them re-dedicate themselves to this worthy cause and let them remember all the time that as long as any part of Africa remains unfree, the struggle continues.

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