Africa Millionaires And Luxury Fair Launched To Promote Ghanaian Products


Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Africa Millionaires and Luxury Fair, Ms. Alberta Odame Awuah in the media launch at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel has urged Ghanaians to take advantage of the upcoming international and national fair scheduled for October 2017.

According to her, the business event intends to boost the economy of Ghana by giving equal platform to Ghanaian companies to market their products internationally since foreigners are taking advantage of the fair to sell their products in Ghana.

Speaking in an interview with, Ms Odame Awuah implored the new Ghanaian business people not to be scared by the name ‘Millionaires and Luxury Fair’ and rather take the bold step to bid for space to market their products and services.

She insisted the platform is rather meant for the new companies to make their products and services known to the world as the foreigners.

“It is international and national fair. We intend to boost the economy of Ghana because most of us are Ghanaians. But unfortunately, most Ghanaians make money in Ghana and they spend their monies in Europe but we want to change that mentality so that the money stay in the country”, she explained.

She bemoaned that though the fair is open to Ghanaian companies, they are slow in bidding for the space; nonetheless, many Ghanaian companies abroad are taking part in the fair.

She added that the bidding is still open for any local Ghanaian company to get a space for the international and national fair



Source: peacefmonline