Africa Given Back To The Whites

africaBy the Meeting yesterday of African and EU Presidents in Malta History has been made to bring Africa back into the hands of Whites.

It has been decided by the EU to give Africa Euros 1, 8 Billion in AID money to stabilize their economies in order to stop Migrants coming to Europe and subsequently the destruction of European Societies by the influx of Africans in their numbers.

In Paris this week EU Leaders hold a Conference to discuss the consequences of the increasingly worrying problem of Climate Change and its devastating effect on African Economies causing Migrants to further more knock on the doors of EU countries in short time to come.

The Oil price is low, natural resources will get finished in Africa by time as can already be observed in South African Goldmines and the Xenophobia coming with it, so that the Problems of Africa on their Economies and Societies are on the increase. No Black Politician or Intellectual has a recipe to solve the Problems and make Africa a place of Happiness for all Africans.

The incoming Billions will partially get stolen by the Political Elite of African countries. The small rest will be invested in various forms for different projects. Maintenance is not the mindset of Africans. Many examples in Ghana and beyond can be visited to demonstrate that wonderful projects are initiated but over a short period of time get rotten and forgotten (see in Tema the Silo for Cocoa Beans initiated by Ghana’s first President).

In years to come once the Whites will finally realize that helping Africa from the Heart and Head is only possible by seeing and accepting the fact that the poverty of Africa is the mindset of Africans in the midst of everything, and that money is not the answer, they will take the next consequent step and take again political control over Africa, starting with Ghana that was the first country to get its Independence; as a symbol of the new change will be treated as a model how best to transform an African country under White’s ruler ship.

Having learnt the lesson from history, it will not be again a new form of Colonialism but Service to Africa in order to ensure their Happiness and subsequently willingness to stay in their own beloved countries and not to come to Europe to destroy it with hungry stomachs. What today, because of History, no White Man in prominent position wants to express openly will come to pass by time, wait and watch!

11.11.2015, Container, Ghana Water Company Limited, 08:35 am, Security Guard:” I know you White People will come back again to take control over us. We need you, we want it.”

The irony of History is that no matter what happens, in the end GOD will always give a positive answer and fix the problems caused by the devil!


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