Africa can rule in the world in 50 years if… – Political economist

MDG : African Union 50 anniversary : headquarters of the African Union (AU), Addis Ababa

Political economist and local government expert, Dr. Eric Oduro Sai is predicting that if African countries are able to wean themselves from the manipulations of the West, the continent will become a force to reckon with in the next 50 years.

He argued that that the West are determined to keep Africa in an underdeveloped state for their selfish gains.

He thus charged African leaders to take the needed steps to liberate the continent from the strings of the West.

“The West have realised that if they allow Africa to unite, it will be a force to reckon with and so they find all ways and means to make sure that Africans never get united, Dr. Sai said on Radio Ghana’s Behind the News programme.

“The powers that be want the perpetual underdevelopment of Africa because such underdevelopment will serve the interest of a certain group of people in the world and that is what Africans must realise,” he added.

Ghana will on Sunday, March 6, celebrate its 59 independence anniversary and many have argued that the nation has failed to reach its full potential due to its over-reliance on the West.

According to Dr. Sai, it is worth having independence but how the country manages itself after independence is what matters.

He stressed that Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s vision to form a United States of Africa must be revived in order to make Africa “the greatest continent in the world.”

“It is about time that Africans also realise that the powers that be do not have Africa’s interest at heart and the best way for us is to relegate to the background, our individual selfishness and forge ahead to form a United States of Africa…let us continue to live the dream Nkrumah and the rest left for us.”

“If we do that, I can tell you that in the next 50 years, Africa will rule the world,” he added




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