Adum African Market Moves to a New Location in Bronx, NY


Bronx, NY — 3G Media announces that Adum African Market and Wholesale/Owusek Music Center which was located on the busy Edward Grant highway is moving to a new location. The store is one of the busiest African markets in New York.

The one stop shop/supermarket has a new location on the busy 167 St in Bronx, NY. The business is managed by the famed record producer; Owusu Sekyere aka Owusek aka “The one man thousand”.

The new location is not too far from the previous one. The address is; 261-71 East, 167th Street, Bronx, NY 10456, Tel: 718 681 7065 Fax: 718 681 7066. Its huge warehouse is also located at Hunts Point.

Adum African Market is also a proud sponsor of the 6th Annual 3G Awards in New York.

Please take note of the new address and let us continue to support Adum African Market at this new location. It is also a community partner and supports events in the Bronx, NY


Source: 3gmediaonline