Adu Asare: The Gospel according to 4th John 20:16

mahama-in-volta-region-432x330A satirical piece in response to Gabby Otchere Darko’s epistle:

1. And the Lord warned His people through various major and minor prophets saying, I AM your maker, the Creator of the heavens and the earth,

2. Do Not pay attention to Paintriots who appear to you as sheep in Elephants clothing, bereft of any Strategic Plan for your future, they speak with tongues of acid and sharpened knives and always ready to unleash mayhem on their own people.

3. They are like the proverbial hungry mother hyena who devours their newly-delivered children when they are hungry (for positions).

4. They walk around with the Paintriots accolade yet they visit pain on their own kith and kins through flagrant disregard for statutes and rules prepared by their fore bearers, and My Holy Word they flout with impunity,

5. I The Lord have hardened the heart of their torch bearer such that he will not see eye to eye with their elected leaders who their ‘nation’ carefully and duly elected to steer the affairs of their state. His wrath shall be so venomous to the extent that he will mastermind the truncation of the tenure of the elected leaders.

6. His personal ambition to unilaterally control the entire state’s treasury with his cronies as signatories will drive that agenda, and I The Lord will continue to harden his heart till after the year ahead of you will end.

7. Hear the word of The Lord Most High ye men and women after my own heart, they will come with vile promises of a paradise on earth, free manna, free milk and honor ..Ei honey, golden streets, all year round yields of farm produce, rains, perfumed oxygen, teeth whitening cola nut, horse hoof shoes and probably a free bowel emptying device. But remember they are all but promises.

8. They hate discussions on the subject of tribalism but their practices give them away always. They preach against it vehemently in the open but their deeds in their closets make a laughing stock of it.

9. Their Kith’s have developed foul lips that know no barriers, they rain profane on their ex-kings, curses on their fore bearers and unleash poison on their opponents.

10. Some of their women no longer have respect for their men in leadership, the airwaves have become their battle grounds, outdoing each other in swear words and profanity.

11. Every word of counsel coming from a dissenting voice is greeted with disdain and hatred. A deafening silence has engulfed their once vociferous voices, Oh how Paintriotic they have become, how monstrous their territories have assumed.

12. The house that was once a citadel of ideas, has become a place of desolation, thugs are allowed to crush windscreens of their leaders, motorbikes are burnt to ashes, commercial vehicles are not spared, brutalizing sisters of their leaders, chasing executives out of the offices are but the new order.

13 In the midst of all these, I The Lord will be watching to see who among them will turn to me for counsel, unfortunately I find non, rather, I find men and women of arrogance and self conceitedness, turning their guns on innocent people and running down my Chosen One in whom I have bestowed wisdom and counsel to rule for another term.

14. Yes you are in difficult times, yes, there is Dumsor hanging in there, but I The Lord will straighten the crooked paths and shine My light in your Nation, I will Increase my Favour on John my beloved, I will continue to gift him with My kind, the Godly kind of Spirit to rule in Love and Peace.

15. Remember I took you out of the fangs of violence only a few years ago when my choice of leader for you was being rejected by them, but I The Lord prevailed and My Peace was restored to you and your nation, I shall do it again and this time it will be marvelous in your own sight and so shall it be in their sight also, because in My own time, I make All things Beautiful.

16. My sons and daughters, incline your ears to my sayings, do not be deceived, I cannot be mocked, whatever I say to you, obey it, I have blessed onto you a John after my own heart and let it be known among you that I have spoken, and have chosen for you a leader for the next season, I will order his steps and bless this nation through him, the days of manner have long gone but I will make your soil fertile and give you rain in its season, your vine yards will be filled with plenty and you shall never lack, says The Lord.

17. Can anybody fight my hand? No! not a man, there is no better moment than this to hearken onto the voice of The Lord thy God, do not mistake my voice for another, but my sheep know my voice so they won’t trespass my command.

18. Remember I have not chosen him, yes him, the one whose home is on fire and yet promises a fire tender for the city, he is not ready for my people, I have prepared him for something else, which he keeps postponing, but I The Lord will still use him for my purpose in my own time.

19. I will preserve this nation, keep this nation, bless this nation, favor this nation, lift this nation and give it my Peace.
Just obey my words and live according to my dictates and I shall create an Oasis in your desert. You shall bear fruit and your fruit shall abide.

20. May My Peace that surpasses all understanding, guard your hearts till I come your way again with the next epistle, Amen.


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