Adikanfo mo with lyrics (Ghana Patriotic Song)

Title: Adikanfo mo
Composed by: Ephraim Amu
Sung by: Winneba Youth Choir
English Translation by: Duse (1951-)

Adikanfo osabarima ako adinim
(Our forbears, great warriors, victorious warriors)

Mo ako ako adinim
(You persevered and won)

Mo adi nim ama yɛn
(You won the battle for us)

Mo adaeso anya aba mu nnɛ
(Your dreams have become reality)

Enyidaso anya aka nsa
(Your expectations attained)

Gyedi mpo anya ayɛ ohu
(Even your beliefs as well)

Edikanfo eei mo, mo ayɛ bi ama yɛn
(Well done our forbears for your good legacy)

Adikanfo mbo mbo mbo
(Well done our forebears)

Osabarima mbo mbo mbo
(Brave warriors well done)

Okopa no mo awie ko mbo mbo
(You have fought the good fight)

Mirika no so mo awie tu mbo mbo
(You have run the race)

Gyedi no so mo asɔ mu asie mbo mbo
(You have held the faith)

Mo nsa anya aka nkunim
(Now yours is the victory)

Adikanfo eei mbo mo ayɛ bi ama yɛn
(Well done our forbears, for your good legacy)

Yɛrebɔ mo osee
(We praise you)

Yɛ ma mo mbo mbo mbo
(We say well done, well done)

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