Adb defends sacking 15 workers

3318794627311_3421844371077The Management of the Agriculture Development Bank (adb) has said the dismissal of 15 senior management members of the Bank is not as a result of their opposition to the sale of the bank some months ago.

Adb on Wednesday announced that 15 members of its staff have been sacked as a result of the bank’s restructuring strategy.Many have criticized the bank saying staff members who opposed the sale of the bank months ago are being victimized.

The dismissal comes months after Citi News reported that the company had taken steps to sack some of its staff for embarking on a sit down strike.

But speaking to Citi News, Head of Marketing and Communications at adb, Solomon Adu Atiso indicated that the decision is purely an administrative one geared towards the growth of the bank.

He said “the unions are also human beings just like us, they need to protect the interest of the workers as well as our customers. The management has the interest of their staff as well as our customers. It should be a win-win relationship, it shouldn’t be acrimonious in any way.”

“So I believe it’s a step and it was freee and fair, it was opened to everybody within the bank. Once you throw yourself qualified, you should be able to able. And I think management knows that this is the right way for the bank to go,” Mr. Adu added.

The dismissal has been estimated to cost adb close to GH¢ 4 million as the bank will have to pay the workers some GH¢3,989,199.00 in severance packages.

Crucial departments of the bank are said to have been affected by the move including marketing, treasury, retail banking and operations.


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