Actress raises red flag on possible leak of her naked pictures


Ghanaian actress, Kisa Gbekle has announced a possible leak of her naked pictures after thieves raided her Sakaman home on April 27 this year.

Miss Gbekle who also double as a musician in a chat with Friday evening disclosed that the robbers visited her home whilst she was far from home and took away her properties worth thousands of Ghana cedis.

They runaway with her Plasma TV, iPhone 6s plus , MacBook and a sum of GhC2000. They also took her clothes and other valuables belonging to her landlady. She told that she is afraid her naked pictures might leak any moment from now because she had such pictures on her Macbook Pro.

Kisa disclosed that “today, a friend called to tell me that she heard some guys discussing about my nude pictures”.

“I have some naked photos and this pant and brazier kind too and I just pray they don’t go viral because I will feel very bad.”

When asked why she saved such pictures on her phone, Kisa answered “nothing really. I just took the pictures with my phone and anytime I connected my phone to my machine, it synchronized automatically onto the machine”.

She further pleaded with Ghanaians not to spread the pictures when they chance on any.



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