Accra traders worried about ‘depressing’ economic outlook


Traders in Accra have painted a bleak economic outlook in the country, which they say, has affected businesses and cost of living.

According to them, ‘government’s bad economic policies’ is to be blamed for the harsh economic conditions being faced by Ghanaians.

The traders made the observation when they took turn to state what they believe to be the true state of the nation on Onua 95.1fm’s ‘Citizen State of the Nation’ Thursday afternoon at Lapaz in Accra during an outdoor broadcast.

To them the situation is gravely affecting Ghanaians as daily incomes continue to fall due to high taxes.
Beatrice Fosu who migrated from Obuasi to Accra two weeks ago in search of greener pastures narrated how difficult it has been for her to get a job.

“I came to Accra to find a job after the mining sector in Obuasi begun to collapse. I have struggled to get a job. People who want to offer you a job want to have sexual encounter with you first. The situation is very bad and people are barely surviving,” she explained.

“John Mahama should reduce the taxes he has placed on goods. Our products are now too expensive and people are refusing to buy them,” says a trader.

“Sales are rather bad; the city authorities keep seizing our wares and prevent us from selling them. We have to feed our children and families. How do we get money to provide for our children and pay their fees if we are being stopped from selling,” says another trader.



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