Account for the funds: Aboa Ntetia


Aboa Ntetia literally as the Akans call it is an Ant. The Ant is regarded as one of the wisest insect due to its peculiar features such as:

1. It is never intimidated by the sheer size of the objects that it needs to carry.

2. It always tackle seemingly impossible tasks and makes it possible

3. It value team work

4. It never leave fellow ants when carrying a huge objects, thus they help each other making it possible to achieve their goals.

5. It is organized

6. It saves for raining days

This were the exact character painted to the electorates of the Juaboso constituency in the Western region by Hon. Kwabena Minta Akandoh that got him elected to parliament.

Hon. Akandoh is now known on the grounds as ‘Aboa Ntetia’

But, he is the direct opposite to the ANT with just one important feature: saving for the raining days by keeping all funds meant for development to himself.

Members of parliament like Hon. Akandoh are entitled to the the following funds:

1. MP common fund

2. Get fund

3. Social intervention fund

We wish to demand from Akandoh to show us his projects which we are yet to identify one. We are well informed that Akandoh continually sharing of Ghc 50, Ghc 20 and Ghc 10 at Agyemadiemn, Bonsu, Proso, Juaboso, Antobea, Bonzain etc, coupled with sowing machines, hair dryers, Cloths, branded NDC slippers, with mounting of Ghc 9,000 bill board just to retain political power.

We are much aware of his dinning hall project at Juaboso SHS at the footing level, the remedial classes which is in months arrears and the none existent 200 dug boreholes.

Hon. Akandoh’s colleague Hon. Moses Anim on NPP Member of Parliament for Tro – Bu Constituency in the Greater Accra region shares some of his successful fund project:

1. Two poly tanks to St. Johns SHS and a dormitory.

2. Police post at Tro-bu and Tantra electoral area.

3. Amormoley maternity clinic.

4. Street lights at Ofankor market, Afiaman township around stadium and at Alhaji.

5. Generator for Mile 7 police station.

6. Achiato six classroom building.

7. Three story building at Ofankor school in conjunction with ADB bank.

8. Two polytanks for Ofankor government sch.

9. Two mock exams for all government basic school before BECE exams .

10. Boreholes at Capital Hill and Ofankor.

11. Scholarship for 10 people.

12. School desk, teachers table and chairs for Usman Bun Fan school.

13. Street lights at Abenese and Fise.

14. Grading at Capital Hills.

15. Lobby hospital to ofankor

16. Police station at Ofankor

17. Market at Ayawaso/pokuase

18. Electrification of Omanjor M/A

19. Sports fiesta for all 41basic schools in his constituency

20. 5000.00 as subvention to the municipal education office annually

21. P. E syllabus for all basic schools

22. Workshops for both private and public schools

23. Urinal and kvip for Amasaman Tech Sch

24. Culvert to link the Pokuase-Ayawaso-Ablekuma road

25. Cleared heaped Refuse Dump at Amomoley

26. Patient Monitor to Amasaman hospital

27. Polytank and Burglar proof to Amomoley health centre.

In as much as MP’s are elected to enact laws, they are also seen as partners in development.

It is high time Hon. Kwabena Minta Akandoh disassociate himself from projects undertaken by the Juaboso district assembly and accounts for his stewardship of which he was voted for and received allocations of funds to that effect.

What do you have to show for as your fund project Hon. Kwabena Minta Akandoh?


By Quarshie Egyer Joseph