Accessories: Outfits That Shades Even Made Look Better


A lot of people like me, “the medicated specs gang”, underestimate the power of shades. But I have finally come to my senses and I see how shades can turn an entire look from 70 to 100! Shades can easily get you to achieve any look you want.

The shape and size of the lens and frame matter a lot. The dark lens and round frame ‘kinda’ shades can top up any tomboy look. The heart shaped frames are preferably for the chic look.

Nwaka (Credit, Instagram @manikki.x)

Mattie James (Credit, Instagram @mattieologie)Mattie James (Credit, Instagram @mattieologie)

Zainab Afolabi (Credit, Instagram @xeinny)

(Credit, Instagram @_sugarhill_)

Nwaka (Credit, Instagram @manikki.x)



Source: Kamdora


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