Abduction cases on the rise in Ghana – Police

Abduction in Ghana surged from 114 in 2013 to 120 in 2014, the Accra Regional Police Commander, Christian Tetteh Yohonu has revealed.

Abduction is the act of forcibly taking someone away against the person’s will. He made the revelation at a press conference organized by the Police on Wednesday to speak about the major crime issues in 2014.

Ghana is not the only country battling with abduction, the challenge is even more severe in other African countries such as Nigeria, the police revealed.

About 200 young girls were abducted early this year in Nigeria. There have since been calls for the release of those girls being held by an Islamist group, Boko Haram.

Mr Yohonu also revealed defilement cases reduced in the year under review, dropping from 514 to 421.

Meanwhile, rape cases also reduced from 157 to 142 cases while armed robbery cases also declined from 514 in 2013 to 421 in 2014.

Murder cases, according to him, also reduced from 45 in the year 2013, to 39 in 2014.

Police to establish land guard units

Mr. Yohonu said the Police will re-establish the formation of the Land Guard Units.

According to him, the land guard phenomenon is still a thorny issue and the units will deal “drastically with any person or group of persons who are seen to be using weapons offensive weapons to guard or protect lands.”

Informant reward system still active

The Police Service assured that the informant reward system is still active and accessible.

“We are edging the criminals who have reformed to join us and we are ready to work with them provided they are going to assist us with vital information.”

Source :citifmonline.com