A cause for great concern


As of the time of writing this piece, it is thirteen days to the elections, yes 13 days! And as I write, the democracy we practice has not provided us with the opportunity of having a presidential debate among the presidential candidates.

In effect, there has been no intellectual argument on the policies to be provided we the people, among those seeking to be both Commander-in-Chief and the first gentleman.

They have also not been able to provide a clear path on the what, the why, the when, and most importantly, the how of which their heaven-on-earth policies would be carried out and its consequences or otherwise on the Ghanaian and his economy through an intellectual deliberation.

In the meantime, the Presidential candidate of the NDC, H.E John Dramani Mahama and the Vice-Presidential candidate of the NPP Dr. Bawumia, are in the Upper East Region playing tribal politics just to win the affection of Northerners in this year’s election.

It is very sad and sorrowful, that a nation which is unique because of the many tribes in it, will have a faction of it fuelled with a peculiar perception against another group by those who want to lead them just because they want their soiled thumbs on printed sheets of paper that come at cost. Sadly, this is happening on a continent where there is enough history of tribal war from which these gentlemen can learn. And they expect the taxpayer’s money to be used in funding political parties during elections. How sorrowful!

This happened notwithstanding the three clashes that has occurred in two weeks among their party supporters in the name of going on keep fit. One would expect these two gentlemen to put the nation first and pull not the trump card of tribal politics. We must carry our politics and democracy to another phase of intellectual discussion and of issues where mental reasoning is provoked whiles having respect for people’s opinion.

These constant happenings which are seemingly becoming consistent must be of concern to the police and other security forces in the country. Taking cue from Libya and Egypt, the security forces must be aware that such sporadic occurrence can lead to mass instability and apathy towards the need to respect people’s affiliation and views.

Many say Ghana is peaceful country. I concur, but that is what must worry us the most. War only erupts from peace and the cost of war is more expensive than any effort that is needed in keeping peace. It is therefore imperative, that people in leadership devoid the use of any derogatory statement that will lead this nation into chaos. The police must also crack the whip on anyone that is found culprit of anything that will destabilise the peace in this nation no matter who.

It took the word ‘cockroach’ to begin a tribal war in Rwanda; it took a group of people to start protest against Gadhafi in Libya which later led to clashes; Charles Taylor took advantage of tribal sentiments in Liberia to build a rebel group; but notwithstanding these things, it takes law and order to keep peace in heaven.

We are own brother’s keeper, and together we can make Ghana great again, devoid of tribal politics, devoid of vulgar words if we consciously work towards it, giving respect to people’s opinion. But then our leaders must lead the way.

My name is Kotey. Good morning.


Source: Kotey Edwin