10 Greatest African Players of All Time

3. Abedi Ayew Pele (Ghana)

With Abedi’s every touch, he was hailed as one of the finest to have ever kicked the ball.

Brash. Skilful. Tricky. An uninhibited playmaker. Abedi Ayew Pele stands tall in the annals of football history in Africa. His enormous giving to football growth in Ghana and Africa are insuperable. Throw up an “African Best Player List” out to the watching public and the name Abedi Pele perpetually will make, even, the most elite list. His dexterous skills and elegant athleticism makes him one of Africa’s most successful exports and one of its most fêted sons. The only Ghanaian this far named in Pele’s ‘FIFA 100’ list of the greatest players in history, Ayew’s most important contribution to African football could be as inspiration to the next generations of African footballers that grew up watching him play against the best in the world. He wielded a perfect combination of aggression, passion and off-the-chain skill. His legacy can be seen at the uppermost levels on Europe’s pitches today, weighed down as they are with talent from Africa.People love Abedi because he embodies the soul of the sport rather than the science.

National team: 67 caps (33 goals)

Honours: Africa Cup of Nations winner (1982), Africa Cup of Nations Best Player (1992), African Player of the Year (1991, 1992, 1993), European Champions League winner (1993), French Ligue 1 champion (1989, 1990, 1991, 1992), French Cup winner (1989), Prince of Qatar Cup winner (1983) and UAE Cup winner (1999).

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