90% of Mahama’s ministers going to jail – Lawyer Adofo


A private legal practitioner, Kwame Adofo is convinced that about 90% of current and past appointees of President John Dramani Mahama are jail bound should the party lose the December 7 polls.

According to him, most of them are neck-deep in corrupt practices and are aware they will surely face the consequences of their actions in the event of a change in government.

“They are crooks who have stolen money and I know that about 90% of them are going to jail. I am not going to jail them but the courts will find them guilty and throw them behind bars. I did not say it but his ministers including Dzifa Ativor did”, he alleged.

He told host of the Ultimate Breakfast Show, Lantam Papanko that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has already lost the elections for which reason the president is making fallacious statements that a cabal in the media have hijacked his transformational agenda messages.

“The president is losing the election and he is aware about that. He is now desperate and want to blame someone for his inefficiencies and incompetence”, he said.

He observed that even though the president is frustrated because power is slipping off his hands, he must be thankful to God the law has saved him from joining his ministers in jail.

Lawyer Adofo maintained that there is no way these ministers he described as corrupt, thieves and ‘stealers’ should be spared because they have looted a lot from the state coffers. He urged the electorate not to be swayed by the statement of the president alleging counter actions of a media cabal is working against to whip up momentum of his campaign to be disregarded.

“They have got outlets to use to propagate their agenda so where is the cabal? They have run down the economy and the media is only doing its job of highlighting the ineptitude of the government it is therefore wrong to blame journalists” he added.


Source: ultimatefmonline