8 Flooding tips to help you stay safe

It is the rainy season and given the poor drainage system in Ghana, the floods are likely to recur. We therefore need to protect ourselves. We put the together the safety tips below. They are by no means exhaustive so please share with us your suggestions or ideas too.

  1. If flooding begins in your area, go to higher ground immediately.
  2. When driving, always be aware that the road bed under flood waters may be severely damaged. NEVER drive through flooded roadways. Remember that it takes ONLY TWO FEET of water to carry away a vehicle, including pickups and SUVs.
  3. When walking, do not attempt to cross flowing streams. Remember that it takes ONLY SIX INCHES of rushing water to knock an adult off his feet.
  4. If your vehicle stalls, get out immediately and go to higher ground.
  5. Be extra cautious at night, when it is harder to see possible flood dangers.
  6. If in doubt, sleep in your office instead of risking your life. You may sleep in your car too. But make sure that the car is parked at a safe place like a hotel or your office. And make sure that your aircondition is turned on to ensure good ventilation. Sleeping in the car without good ventilation can be dangerous.
  7. Some trotro/taxi drivers can be overly optimistic and aggressive. If you notice they are ignoring obvious dangers such as driving through flooding, speeding etc, politely ask to get down at a safe place. Your life is important.
  8. Call for help! The emergency numbers provided by the government are:





Source: Kwabena Boateng/Ghanaculturepolitics with some files from www.oci.ga.gov