7 Qualities you want in a girlfriend

If your only requirement for dating is that you’re spending time with a beautiful woman wearing revealing clothes, think again.

Now is the time to find the qualities you care about so that one day you might find a woman you’d like to keep.

Here are seven qualities to think about as you date:

• Is she sexy?

Sexy is more than showing skin or dressing a certain way. Does she turn you on? Whether it’s her cleavage or her great legs, hanging with a woman you find sexy will make you feel more alive.

• Is she attractive?

There is nothing more attractive than a woman who is comfortable in her skin. Attraction is a varied combination of confidence, personality, allure, charm, style, and beauty.

If you’re holding out for a certain type rather than considering all sides of attraction, you may find yourself with the wrong woman again and again.

• Is she fun?

Life can be filled with drudgery, dating shouldn’t be. A fun woman can have a good time doing very simple stuff. If you find a woman with the flexibility to find the joy in life, you might want to keep her.

• Is she worldly?

Finding a woman who is willing to lead a varied life will help keep your relationship exciting. A worldly woman will have great stories to tell, things to do, and people for you to meet.

• Is she smart?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a woman who is smart about money, cooking, dealing with difficult people, and loving you? Intelligent woman know how to use their smarts to enhance all of their relationships.

• Is she passionate?

If she gets excited by her interests, it’s more likely that one day she’ll become passionate about you and your interests.

• Is she crazy about you?

Does she shower you with respect? Is she enthusiastic about your time together? Is she kind to your family and friends? Your next girlfriend should be crazy about you.

Forget about spending time with the wrong person. Find yourself a balanced girlfriend who has the qualities you care about.

Credit : Graphic Showbiz