7 Key essentials in choosing the right high heels


It is an undeniable fact that women love shoes especially the ‘notorious’ high heels also known as pumps. And which woman wouldn’t want to stand tall and confident or look sexy when she steps out into public space. High heels are known to boost the confidence of women by elongating their figure, creating the illusion curves and giving them a sense of height.

Heels can be very useful to women, however when you wear the wrong heels, you can develop a great deal of problems including painful heels, back pains, and pressure on the spine. The following guidelines can be useful when choosing the right heels.

1. Firstly, Investing in quality shoes can go a long way to save you time and money and a lot of peace of mind. Leather shoes last longer and you will not regret investing in one but if leather is not for you, you can invest in synthetic shoes.

2. Secondly, look out for well stitched shoes and ensure that all the parts of the shoes are properly tacked in place. Shoes with good lining especially leather lining are great as they are breathable and help the feet stay hydrated.

3. It is useful to take your new shoes to the cobbler to ensure loose parts are fitted properly.

4. Try the shoe on before purchasing. Do well to walk in them and don’t forget to turn as you walk to be sure they are comfortable. It is advisable to buy shoes in the later hours of the day as the legs are said to swell in the evenings. This is to ensure the shoes fit properly.

5. Consider the height of the heels. Shoes are considered heels when their height is about 3.5 inches high and above. Go for what works for you. Choose the shoes based on the occasion you need them for. The steeper the shoes’ angle, the more difficult it is to walk in them. Shoes with platforms tend to be more comfortable than those without them. Try on you new shoes and practice walking in them at home before the day you plan to wear them so your feet gets adjusted to them.

6. If you have heavy foot, go in for thicker heels but if you have a thinner foot, go in for thinner heels. This is to ensure maximum stability when walking.

7. Lastly invest in shoe sprays to help prolong the life span of the shoes. After wearing them, do well to clean them properly and polish them when necessary. Sprinkle some baking soda or talcum powder into your shoes to take care of shoe odour and protect your feet from harmful bacteria



Source: GeorgeBritton