6 Rules to pair your tie, pocket square


Rule three is about learning the art of creating contrasting textures for your tie as well as for your pocket square.

You can for example choose to create contrast by pairing a smooth satin silky tie with a linen pocket square. The contrast between the silk tie and linen pocket square pops out giving you an altogether different outlook.

So you don’t always have to pair a silk tie with silk pocket square.

Ensure that you opt for a square that will fit snugly into your coat pocket and not slide down when you tuck it in.


Rule 4

Always have a white pocket square be it cotton, silk or linen folded in the traditional way among your collection of pocket squares. They provide such a classical look and of course are always on target.

They are normally folded with a point and are usually pointed away from the heart. They are classical with a business suit or a formal wear for an important occasion.

It works well for guys who are a bit quiet with fashion style and do not want to wear a flamboyant pocket square.

Rule 5

You really should know when to wear a pocket square. You see it’s about looking good without necessarily overdoing it. Therefore you can choose to wear a pocket square anytime you don a suit to up your entire look.

A business or formal events are all appropriate occasions to don your pocket square. You could also decide that you would take out the tie and use your pocket square alone when you wear a jacket or go casual with your jeans and jacket.

Rule 6

Be adventurous with folding of your pocket square. Learn a variety of styles that will enable you have flexibility over colours and folds.

That way you can wear a different look anytime you choose to depending on the fold you have opted to wear for that particular occasion.

Now that you have mastered your pocket squares, you have what it takes to look good and feel good.



Source: graphiconline.com

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