500k safe Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices arrive in stores


Samsung is ready to give you a choice. Turn in your original Samsung Galaxy Note7 and get a new one immediately, or live with a Note7 that never stops reminding you to turn in your original, dangerous Note7.

In other words, you really have no choice.

In the nearly three weeks since reports of the recently shipped Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices exploding during recharge (and at other inopportune times), the company has scrambled to identify the issue (a bad batch of lithium ion batteries), the source (one battery supply partner) and the solution (an almost too-late decision to issue a recall). Now, with the recall firmly in place, Samsung is finally ready to invite Galaxy Note7 owners to pick up brand new, safe replacement Note7 smartphones at various retailers.

The company announced on Tuesday in a press release that it will have 500,000 Note7s ready and waiting by Wednesday. The company has not shared how many Note7s it has sold, but, according to Samsung, 25 percent of the devices in consumer hands have already been exchanged.

In the meantime, a firmware update, which will be pushed to all devices, is making a pair of changes to the current and new Note7’s. One is relatively minor. The new Note7 battery icon will be green instead of the standard, Android monochrome.

On the original, dangerous Note7 — all sold before September 15 — the change will be far less subtle. Basically, every single time someone tries to charge or power up one of these dangerous phones, they’ll see a pop-up reminding them that the phone poses a fire risk and that they should power down and turn it in immediately.

“Working hand in hand with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), we are delivering as promised and moving quickly to educate consumers about the recall and make new Note7s available,” says Tim Baxter, president of Samsung Electronics America in a release.

Source: Mashable