5 Ways To Lose Your Girlfriend

turn-offs-for-women2Most guys get dumped because over time they develop bad relationship habits and find themselves stuck in a cycle of bad decisions that simply drives women away. If you’re currently in a relationship and fall into terrible mistakes as the 5 presented below, you may just be watching your girlfriend walk away very soon.

1. Not paying her enough attention
There is nothing that a woman hates more than lack of attention from her man. If you are not paying her enough attention or never show jealousy, she will get upset. Trust me, if you don’t give your woman the attention that she wants, she is going to find it from another man.

2. Showing no motivation
Women want men who have motivation to succeed in life and who have dreams of doing something rather than just being content where they now. A woman who truly loves you shouldn’t hold your job against you; however, if you are happy with your fast food job and you don’t have any dreams of moving up on the job ladder, you may just have to say goodbye to your woman.

3. Being a habitual liar
If you keep lying to a woman, you will surely lose her. All women appreciate a man who presents himself as honest and trustworthy. Displaying behaviors like exiting the room when you get a phone call, not returning her calls, not answering random phone calls, emails and text messages in front of her and giving no legitimate reason any about any of these behaviors is a sure way to make a woman leave you.

4. Being preoccupied with sex
Women do not want to feel as though sex is all that men want from them, and they definitely aren’t impressed by how many other women you’ve slept with, or how much your last girlfriend liked your techniques.

5. Not taking care of yourself
If you stop taking care of yourself and being the man that attracted her to you in the first place, her romantic respect and attraction to you will drop over time. Being a challenge to a woman in a relationship will keep the attraction high and she won’t leave you.

source: datingfortodaysman.com

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