5 Tips To Look Good In Shorts


We’d all love nothing more than to throw up our hands and say, “Screw it-wear whatever you want!” But really we know that certain pieces of clothing, at a certain age, require a more delicate touch.

Oh yea, I’m talking about shorts. As you plan to stock up your wardrobe on shorts, keep these cardinal rules in mind.

DO: Choose an appropriate length


DON’T: Go overboard and resign yourself to knee-length shorts. There are plenty of three- and four-inch options out there to keep you in the ladylike zone.


DO: Opt for a size larger than you think you might wear. This is not the time nor the place for intense curve-hugging. You want a loose fit that sits comfortably on your hips–both for style and chaffing reasons.

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DON’T: Get stuck in a denim addiction. Flowy fabrics like silk, rayon and linen are actually the most flattering in shorts form.


DO: Wear them confidently. Any nervous tugging will just draw even more attention to your hip region. Make sure your fit is on point from the start. Also remember, your legs are bare! Enjoy it.




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