5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Image!


Sometimes the things that make a big difference are the small details, not the $10,000 handbags.

Here are 5 affordable, easy, ways you can give your image an instant boost:

1. Put on a scarf: No matter the season, no matter the occasion, printed silk scarves are the fastest way to make whatever you’re wearing into “an outfit.”

They add sophistication and panache, while also serving a practical purpose – you never know when you may need it but you’ll be glad you have it on hand. Drape one loosely around your neck, pin it to the shoulder of your dress… there are hundreds of ways to

2. Shine your shoes: Everyone notices shoes. Well-polished shoes can literally add a dollop of polish to your facade.

Women hardly polish their leather shoes, unlike men, even though they should! Shoe shines makes everything your wearing appear refreshed — just via proximity. Plus, scuffed, dull looking shoes instantly detract from even the most pulled-together ensemble.

3. Apply a little gloss: A hint of shine or a touch of color on your lips brightens your appearance and lifts your entire image, regardless of how tired or unattractive you may feel at the moment. it’s cheap, quick, and easy to take with you wherever you go.

4. Wear a signature scent: We are multi-sensory creatures, and image perception doesn’t begin and end with our eyes. Scent is our strongest sense, and it’s most closely linked with memory — which means creating a lasting impression is integrally tied to the way you smell.

Don’t overpower your audience, but find a subtle scent that works with your body chemistry and make that a key part of how you self-present everyday.

5. Smile: Sound too easy? Maybe, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful. Next time you aren’t feeling confident about your body or the day’s outfit, practice a little “fake it til you make it” and slap on a big grin.

That’s what everyone will react to and remember, far more than the stain on your blouse.


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