5 Signs She Wants To Be “Just Friends”

friThey say that some of the best relationships start out as friendships, and while that it is true, not every friendship is meant to blossom into something romantic. In order for a woman to commit to a serious relationship, or even think about dating a man, a natural attraction and chemistry between her and the guy must exist. If these two conditions are not met, the woman will not pursue the romantic relationship and will place the guy into the Friend Zone instead. So before you make the mistake of chasing her, use these 5 signs she just wants to be friends as a guide.


1. She tells you what a good friend you are
 Many men believe that by acting as a woman’s best friend or love counselor, they can somehow become her knight in shining armor and work their way into her heart. This may work well in Hollywood, but in real life, you’re just kidding yourself. If she has mentioned that you are the “perfect friend,” that is her subtle way of letting you know that that is ALL you are to her.

2. She talks about other guys in front of you
Instead of giving you signs that she’d like to take your relationship to another level, she lets you know which guys she thinks is hot, asks you for advice about different men she’s attracted to and constantly tells you about all her problems with them.

3. She tries to set you up with her friends
If she’s always trying to set you up with her friends or talks about the kind of girl that would be perfect for you, she just wants to be friends. Remember, if she was physically attracted to you, she’d be hugging you, kissing you and jumping your bones–not trying to pass you off on another girl.

4. She always insists on paying her half
When a guy pays for dinner, it’s a date; however, if the two of you are just friends, she won’t let you pay for her meal because she doesn’t want to owe you anything.

5. She constantly tells you how much she appreciates you
She says things like: “I feel like I can talk to you about anything, “You‘re really a nice guy,” “You‘re just like a brother to me,” “You understand me,” and last but not least “What would I do without you?” Remember, you may understand her while the bad boy she’s making out with doesn’t.

Remember, guys: Men do the picking, but women do the choosing. Be able to see the signs a woman is not interested in you and make the choice to either stay as her friend or move on to a woman who is romantically interested.

source: datingfortodaysman.com

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