5 reasons to ditch your skinny jeans for jogger pants


With so many pluses for wearing jogger pants, why wouldn’t you add a pair of joggers to your wardrobe?

The wrong shoe or shirt can instantly take you from style expert to overgrown kindergartener.

Believe or not but jogger pants are very fashionable when teamed up with the right top and shoe.

Most of us are afraid to pull the trigger at shopping centers when we see joggers pants.

It’s no more an attire you slip on to gear up for a workout. The new trend of jogger pants are stylish when worn right.

Below are the underlying reasons why you should change your wardrobe.


  • They are upgraded

The new trend of jogger pants are made from elegant fabrics like tweed, or  corduroy. They are well designed and not the least bit sloppy. These definitely aren’t your shabby Saturday sweats.


  • They are very comfortable

Jogger pants are very comfortable, not only due to its texture but your thighs finally have room to breathe. The right pair should be somewhat fitted at the waist and ankle with room throughout the leg.


  • Great alternative for skinny jeans

With joggers you get the slim fit of your favourite skinny jeans. Try something new, go grab a pair of joggers.


  • Easily pair with anything

Don’t forget jogger pants have youthful undertones. They look awesome paired with high heels and a blazer as they do with a plain tee and laced sneakers.

Joggers are at their most natural when worn with a T-shirt. But to ensure grown-woman-level style, reach for a solid or striped tee over your beat-up band T-shirts. In other words, you can take them from a day to night ensemble.

  • They have got great personality

Joggers are stylish on their own, but they get even better once smart details like decorative zippers, on-trend colors or pretty prints come into play. These are the kinds of eye catching design elements that give jogger pants added personality


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