5 qualities in men that turn women on

goodIf you thought it is that sexy stubble-look and that fat wallet or that luxury car is what women look for in men, then you definitely got to be old school.

The modern woman is not just successful, but has a mind of her own, she’s ambitious and aspires to have a partner who would not just share her thoughts, but also make sure that the two of them grow professionally as well as in their relationship. Here are a few things about men that really turn the modern woman on.

Being open-minded

This is by far the most important quality that women love their man to possess. Women these days want their partner to think rationally, and do not come along a baggage from the past.

They want someone who doesn’t have any reservations and is a complete nay-sayer about the age old practices that have been a norm in the Indian society.

Someone who doesn’t stop his woman from doing things that makes her happy and at the same time fights the society or family (for that matter), to make sure he is fair.

Sense of humour

A man who makes you laugh is indeed a bonus, as you would never have a dull moment in their accompany. However depressed or worried you are, they would easily make the situation so much lighter with their smart, but sensitive sense of humour.

With their effervescent personality, they can easily strike a chord with anyone within no time. They easily get along with people. A funny man will make you laugh unapologetically, as others just stare at you in amazement.

Not just preaches, but practices gender equality

Most important in today’s scenario, as women across the globe are fighting over equal rights, every woman deserves a man who treats her as equal. In fact, she adores a man who proudly flaunts her qualities before other people as well as criticises her when she is wrong, in an attempt to correct her.

In fact, a man who is open to suggestions and values his partner’s opinion on every single decision in their life. Shares household chores and responsibilities without complaining and outdoing his role by backing her while she takes on the world professionally.


Aah, now that’s what most women want their man to be like. Who doesn’t want a guy who likes cleaning and makes sure the house is well kept. In fact, women simply love men who are homely and do small things like setting up the wardrobe, taking up the responsibility of feeding or walking the pet regularly, serving guests at home, etc.

Women find men who work diligently at home and take care of every small thing, and think about domestic things more than them, really attractive. Also, those who are extremely passionate about decorating the house definitely have an edge over the others, according to Times of India.

Cares for people

If he stops his car and steps down to help a blind man cross the road or coaches those slum kids he sees everyday, this is something that really turns women on. The fact that he really cares about people and does things even when no one’s around, make him worth the attention.

It’s not just about people outside, but also the one who respects and cares about elders and treats them well are qualities that really make a man desirable for most women these days. Moreover, women also prefer men who socially conscious.

Source: pulse.com.gh

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