5 must know hair care tips for the dry season

88425442.295The dry season or popularly called Harmattan season comes with a lot of care, this is the season that test you on your beauty care routine.

Now this season is favorable because it grows your hair faster and then your curls (for naturalista’s) last longer and this is due to the fact that there isn’t much moist in the air.

The downside to this weather however is the fact that moisture leaves the hair really quickly and it is very important for our hair to have moist because lack of moist leads to dryness and brittleness so indeed there are adverse effects of this season therefore, you need to follow the following hair care tips to avoid dry and brittle hair:

If you intend to go outside under the sun then make sure that you avoid the application of any oil product because the harshness of the sun would end up frying your hair and you don’t want that.

Moisture comes from water therefore, you need to drink a lot more water because water helps your hair hydrate and asides from drinking water also apply water to your hair before you apply leave-in conditioner and then a little oil to seal it in remember to moisturize from the tip of your hair.

Your hair regimen should include glycerin and honey, simply mix water and 1/3 of glycerin into a spray bottle and spritz it daily, then add honey to your leave-in-conditioner for better effect. Make sure the quality of your leave in conditioner is the type that retains moisture.

Protective styles are what you should go for this season if you can’t be bothered about spritzing and moisturizing your hair daily.

The rays from the sun affect the cuticles of your hair making it weak so make sure to follow this health care routine also make sure you add enough protein (egg and hair mayonnaise) to your deep conditioner for better treatment of your hair which includes hair strengthening.

source: ghanaweb.com

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