5 Embarrassing Questions Mothers Don’t Ask Each Other

motherThere’s no denying the fact that all mothers dote on their kids! Your kids’ problems become your worst nightmares and their victories, your greatest jubilation! That being said, one can’t disregard the kind of pressure you face. You are constantly on the go, to do all you can to ensure your child’s wellbeing and happiness. No matter how hard it gets, you continue to stay strong mentally and always manage to face the world with a dazzling smile. However, there are days when the pressure can get to you, and you wonder how other mothers do it! There are many such questions that constantly run through the minds of many moms around the world, but they never open up about them. Here are five embarrassing questions mothers don’t ask each other:

Did You Really Want To Have A Child? – This is one of the most hushed up secrets couples often keep to themselves. No mother will be open about the fact that her baby wasn’t planned. At times when you see a very young mother, struggling to pacify her little one, you hold back on the urge to ask her if she really wanted to have the child or he happened by accident. As a mother, you know better! You know, whatever may have been the case, her baby is now her lifeline, and she can’t do even a second without him.

Does Your Child Make You Weep? – How often have you locked yourself in a bathroom to cry your eyes out because your kids were just not listening to you? Don’t be ashamed to admit you have. A lot of mothers occasionally rely on crying as a mechanism to cope with the stress of parenting. You’ll never get yourself to ask any mother if she cries because it is often looked at as a sign of weakness, even though it isn’t. No mother, including you would like others to think that for them, motherhood is a struggle that they’re not able to keep up with.

Has Your Child Ever Embarrassed You In Public? – Your child is your pride, as is every mother’s little angel, hers. There are times, however when your kid may have embarrassed you in a social situation, without intending to do so. Kids have pure hearts and don’t know the art of diplomacy. They speak their mind, which can, at times hurt someone and embarrass you in the bargain. While you know that every mother experiences this with her child, you’ll never ask her if the apple of her eye has put her in a spot publically.

Are There Days When You Miss Not Being A Mom? – There are days you might go down the memory lane thinking about how life was different when you weren’t a mother. You had so much time on hand to pursue your passions, to meet your friends and to sometimes, just curl up and read a book. While you shrug away these memories before they begin to cloud your thought flow, you can’t help but wonder if other mothers miss not being a mom at times. It would be nice to have someone else share these feelings lest you feel like the worst mother in the world. Yet again, you flinch from asking any mother this question with the fear of getting a “hell no!” for an answer.

Has Parenthood Impacted Your Relationship With Your Partner? – When you compare your marriage before and after your child’s arrival, you’d sure agree that it’s experienced drastic changes! Your partner and you get very little time alone, and romantic dates get confined to special occasions like your anniversary. While all along, you knew this change was inevitable, you secretly wish for the same spark that your marriage had before. Though you long to ask other mothers if they feel the same way, you hold back to avoid answering a hoard of other questions that they may bombard you with about your marriage.

While it is natural for you to succumb to the pressures of motherhood time and again, what’s important is that you choose to stay positive and undeterred. No matter what you may feel, we’re certain that you wouldn’t want to trade motherhood for anything in the world because you know it’s the most gratifying job one can ever ask for!