5 Behaviors That Get You Dumped

Angry young woman looking at man holding video game controllerThe dating world can be harsh and finding somebody worthy of your time can be difficult. Once you’ve found the right woman and developed a serious relationship with her, you should find new ways to make your woman feel special, not run her off. If there’s anything a woman hates, it’s being taken for granted. If she’s worth keeping, avoid the behaviors listed below.


1. Cheating
What most women consider being unfaithful goes far beyond having sex with someone else.If you are kissing, caressing, going down or having sex with another woman while you’re in a monogamous relationship–you’re cheating. Furthermore, if you are committing more time to another female and actually enjoying spending quality time with her more than your girlfriend, there is a problem. Your girlfriend doesn’t want to be second best and wants to feel like she can trust and confide in you.

2. Developing an unkempt appearance
Going from the sophisticated GQ style to beer-belly and wife-beaters as soon as you’re comfortable with her tells her that you were just putting on a show to initially attract her and that your really don’t care what you look like to her. Keeping yourself up is very important in a relationship. If she was attracted to you when you were wearing nice suits, chances are that’s what she likes, and she may stop being attracted to you if you get too comfortable and downgrade to dingy t-shirts and faded jeans.

3. Being controlling
Although women have a reputation for being clingy, they also enjoy their independence. Being jealous and overly-critical of her friends, telling her where and when to do things is a sure fire way to run her off. There are situations in which she may want your input or advice, but otherwise, don’t be pushy with advice or demands. Don’t be a pushover, but you have to give her space and let her make her own decisions.

4. Not making enough time for her
Although you may want to do all of the things you did when you were single, you also have to make time for your woman. It may be tough at times, but sometimes you will have to give up the video games and time with pals in order to spend time together.

5. Taking her for granted
Once you become serious in a relationship, your woman will expect to be wooed the same way she was when you first won her over. If you stop complimenting her or stop taking her out, she will feel neglected. Doing the little things like asking her about what’s going on in her life, telling her she’s beautiful or calling or texting her in the middle of the day just to tell her you’re thinking about her will make her feel special. Remember,if you don’t pay attention to her, a lot of other men will.

source: datingfortodaysman.com

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