46th UN day celebrations launched

The 46th United Nations [UN] Day which is celebrated every October 24th has been launched in Accra with a call for the youth to be involved in important decisions making processes.

Briefing the press on the activities lined up for the celebration to be marked under the theme: Youth Engagement for Nation Building’’ , Chief Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration[MFARI], Ambassador Leslie K. Christian, commended the UN for its tremendous efforts to improve the wellbeing of people world over .
Ambassador Christian noted that the concept of global citizenship cannot be over looked during these period of global challenges and that the youth is the cognizant body that stands top during this period of global citizenship.
The youth, if well trained, prepared and motivated, Ambassador Leslie K. Christian is of the conviction that they can become the engine of progress of all nations.

The UN Action Plan recognizes the significance of youth participation in decision-making and therefore has strong partnership around issues of young people.
Ghana he said has contributed its quota in meeting the needs and aspirations of the youth and continues to contribute in the deliberations on youth issues within the framework of the UN General Assembly’s policies and programs involving the youth.

He mentioned that Ghana’s chosen theme for the celebration is a significant component of the country’s policy framework of acknowledging the youth as an important human resource with the potential to contribute significantly to national development.
‘It is therefore a precondition he maintained, that the youth is accorded the due recognition and engaged in the development of the nation.

Although it is government’s responsibility to provide the youth with their essential needs, the Chief Director was of the view that it is important for the youth take to up the challenge of preparing towards taking up leadership roles to create opportunities for themselves.

Ghana according to him recognizes that the way in which young people can realize their potential can influence social and economic conditions as well as the well- being and livelihoods of generations to come.
Government’s zeal and unwavering commitment has immensely contributed to growth and development adding ‘’ this informs government’s determination to sustain youth engagement programs’’.
The National Youth Policy’s existence has provided government with a comprehensive framework to engage the youth and other stakeholders in meaningful partnerships for youth empowerment and development, Ambassador Christian disclosed.
He explained that government’s strategy in realizing the objective is evident in the immense engagement of youth in national issues, governance and decision making processes of the nation.
He reiterated the call made by President Mahama for the Ghanaian youth to demonstrate their creativities and skills to catapult into business opportunities and to spur others on to create wealth and prosperity.
Among the programs initiated by government to better the lives of the youth, he mentioned the ‘’YES’’ initiative program aimed at assisting the youth with creative and innovative business ideas and plans to achieve their full potential.
The YES initiative among other things has the objective to develop a generation of young Ghanaians to effectively internalized the wisdom of nation building as a collective endeavor, and committed to adding value to their social surroundings through diligence, hard work , personal and collaborative initiatives with positive dividends for Ghana.
With this mindset in our young people coupled with government’s commitment to developing the youth through academic instruction, community service among others, I believe our youth would be empowered to lead, transform, achieve and contribute to nation building’’ Ambassador Leslie K. Christian was upbeat.

On his part, Mr. Wolfgang Haas of the UN systems in Ghana said the UN was purposely formed to serve the needs of mankind and that the organization still exists solely to meet the needs of the people for which it was formed some 69 years ago.
He commended Ghana for its immense contribution to the work of the UN aimed at making the work a peaceful place to live on.

He mentioned that Ghana continue to contribute significantly to the UN peacekeeping missions in several part of the world.
Mr. Wolfgang mentioned that the country in 2013 sent 3000 peacekeepers made up the army, police and other security service personnel to serve in some ongoing UN peacekeeping missions out of which three lost their lives.

The three, he said were recognized and honored by the UN during the International Day for friendship.
He announced that this ranks Ghana among the top ten ranking contributors of the UN peacekeeping mission worldwide.
He further commended Ghana for its involvement of the youth in its decision making processes but was quick to call for the inclusion of the vulnerable in every decision making aspects if nation building is to be achieved.

source :  Mohammed Saani Ibrahim – The Accra Times

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