4 Ways To Put Your Date At Ease

dateGoing on a date can definitely be a nerve wrecking experience, but there are some simple ways you can put your date at ease and lessen some of the anxiousness that she might be feeling. A first date is the most important time to make a good first impression on a woman, so if you’re looking forward to a second date, it’s a good idea to do follow these 5 tips to help your date relax and feel more comfortable.


1. Be calm, not overly emotional or dramatic
To make a girl feel comfortable on the first date, you must maintain a positive demeanor. Keeping yourself relaxed will put your date at ease as well and open the door for a more open and honest conversation. Complaining about your ex-girlfriends or ex-spouses or showing signs of emotional damage can result in your date wanting to escape as quickly as possible.

2. Keep your conversation topics neutral
A first date is not the appropriate time to discuss politics, religious beliefs or sexual practices or experiences with past lovers. Instead, ask her questions about things that require more than simple yes or no responses. Ask about her specific interests that you may have noticed, instead of asking questions about topics that may seem general; such as her profession or the type of car she drives. Neutral topics like these will allow your date to open up and become more comfortable with you.

3. Listen to your date and show interest
When your date speaks, it’s vital to pay attention. Really listen to her answers and when possible, ask her questions in response to what she is sharing with you. This will put her at ease, while giving you a chance to learn more about her. Even if it’s a subject you’re not overly fond of, you should still pay attention, look into her eyes, and be engaged in the conversation. She WILL notice if you are pretending to listen. 

4. Respect her “comfort zone”
Every woman has different comfort levels, so the most important thing is to be conscious of, and not intrude, her personal space. Touching your date the wrong way can easily bring on those uncomfortable feelings. Be respectful of this and don’t force yourself past her comfort zone when the situation does not call for it. Take things slow, watch her body language and follow the pace she has set.

Given a bit of effort, it’s not very difficult to put your date at ease. Show respect of, concern for and an interest in her, and you will likely do well.

source: datingfortodaysman.com

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