4 ways to gracefully part ways with your partner


If you have come to crossroads with your partner, it is time for you to decide if the relationship has become too painful to continue.

You need to realise that sometimes it is for the best, and you have the choice to walk away. If you are clueless about how you can confront your partner, here are ways you can gracefully say goodbye to a relation that is bringing you down.

Write a letter or e-mail to the person
The best thing to do is to let the person know the reason you are moving out of the relation. So, write a letter to the person expressing how you feel and make him understand why you want to part ways.

Tell him that you do not feel the connection. If strife has taken over love in your relationship, explain to him that you cannot continue with it and would choose to move on. End the letter by saying that you cherish the moments that you have spent together and wish for his health and happiness.

Take one step at a time
If you are unsure how to move out of a relationship, just prepare yourself to walk away. Start with not meeting the person too often and stop messaging him too much.

Before you know, you will be running brave and strong. He will also get a feeling that you are no longer interested in him and not find it tough to accept when you break the ice.

Spend time doing what you love
It is natural to have moments wanting to go back to him, and that’s when it gets tough to say goodbye. In moments like that, keep yourself busy and do what you love. Focus on your job and your career. If you love music, join a music class. If you are a fitness freak, enrol yourself in a gym or a yoga class.

Eventually, you will stop missing the time spent with him and will begin to cherish the present moment. Once, you are out of it, tell the person that you care for him but right now career is your priority, and you would want to take a break. Trust us, he will understand.

Forgive your partner and let go
Fighting and throwing tantrums can be one of the easiest tricks to get your way but remember in the end, it is only going to hurt you. If you have a tiff with your partner ignore it and don’t give it any credence.

Make a decision in your mind and tell him softly that you want to move on. Learn to forgive and don’t hold on to the grievances. Let go and tell yourself that something better is in store for both of you.

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