4 things you must never tell your man


As they say, not having secrets is the key to a happy relationship, however, not everything in life can be shared. There are things are extremely personal and you wish to keep it to yourself for your own benefit.

Not like the major things in life, but there are a few things that you should never tell your man, here are four of them…

He is important to you
This is the most important thing to remember. Never, never, make him realise that he is sine qua non in your life, and that you cannot do without him.

This might be the truth, but he does not need to know it, since it will only make him feel superior in the relationship. Also, it might happen that he might make you go weaker in times when you need emotional support.

You need to go shopping
Do you really want him to accompany you on your shopping trips, no right? Then why let him know, shopping alone is one of the best things to do.

Why simply complicate matters and listen to too many excuses to not accompany you, let it be, just keep it to yourself. Won’t it be fun to see him get jealous when you wear your new clothes later in the week.

Everything about your professional life
Firstly, he does not feature in your professional scene, each of you know your profession the best.

Hence, do not divulge each and every detail about your work life to him, don’t make it a point of discussion at home, since it will simply complicate matters, as you won;t like his opinions on what you know better, right?

You have a separate saving
Yes, you guys are too much in love and you also save up together, as in both of you are well aware of your finances and there’s absolutely nothing hidden.

Despite of this, have a separate account where you save up whenever you can, there’s always better to have a backup in case of emergencies, in case you run short of funds.

Also, you can occasionally use it however you like it, without justifying him for it.

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