Okay, so we’re three months into the New Year, and by now your New Year’s Resolutions are either slipping, or you’ve torn that scrap of paper up and pretended to people that it never existed in the first place.

“What New Years’ resolutions? I didn’t make any.”

“You said you wanted to become a better you. You had all these plans to be ‘better’…”

“You must have been drunk. I never made a list. Game over, bro.”

Although we’re three months into 2016, there is still time for you to work on being a better you. With nine months to go, are you up for the challenge? If so, let’s take a look at 20 little changes you can make.

Be More Productive

Everyone surely wants to be more productive with their time and get more stuff done, and it’s really easy to tell someone to be more productive. But in 2016, being productive is easier than ever.

If you’ve got a smartphone, you can download free productivity apps, such as OmniFocus and EverNote. These apps are designed to make you more organised and efficient.

You can also read productivity ebooks or online hacks, and you can watch YouTube videos by motivational speakers.

The more productive you are, the more successful you’ll be.

Become A Mentor

Few people get anywhere in life without a mentor. No matter how successful someone is, you can bet your bottom dollar that at some point in their life, they bagged themselves a mentor who taught them how to get started in life.

If you’ve got some skills, talent and wisdom that is useful, why keep it all to yourself when you could use it to better someone else’s life? Reaching out to others and giving them a helping hand makes you feel good, and it also improves others’ chance of being a success. It’s all about spreading the love and knowledge in 2016!

Buy New Clothes

My friend said to me the other day that she hates the way she dresses. All her clothes are ill-fitting, dowdy and old.

I simply told her to buy some new clothes. She responded by saying that she didn’t have a “style” and didn’t know what would suit her.

My advice to you is to watch television shows and movies and model your style on a character you admire. My husband, for example, models his style on Kramer from the US sitcom Seinfeld. Wearing hipster clothes makes him feel confident and assured.

A better you means a more stylish you!

Drink Lemon Water In The Morning

One of the reasons why some of us feel sluggish throughout the day and struggle to complete our daily tasks is because we haven’t started the day properly. Rather than do the right things that will give our brain and body a boost, we do all the wrong things.

One of the best things you can do in the morning is drink a glass of replenishing lemon water. Not only will it hydrate you after all that sleep, but it will also flush a whole load of nasty toxins out of your system that are often responsible for daily lethargy and fatigue.


A great way to make yourself feel good about yourself and the world around you is to do something selfless, such as volunteering. You should volunteer at your local food bank, soup kitchen, or home for the elderly.

These places always need volunteers to help out. By contributing with your skill set, you will certainly be making life that little bit brighter for people who truly need it.

Volunteering also puts you in touch with new people, and you might even make some new friends.

Compliment Yourself!

My mom always used to say to me, “Be your own cheerleader because nobody else will.” I thought it was an amazing thing to say at the time, and I still truly believe in the power of these words today.

Let’s face it, you’re not going to wake up to lots of compliments from your friends. Instead, you’re going to wake up each morning to tired eyes, cold coffee and a dreary commute to work.

So why not put the spark into your day straight away by looking at yourself in the mirror, smiling, and dishing out lots of compliments? You’ll be amazed with how this makes you feel!

Start Leaving Your Work At Work

Yes, it’s really hard to leave work at work sometimes. All too often, we find ourselves taking documents home with us and firing off emails when we should be relaxing.

Because this year finds a brand new you, why not make it a resolution to start leaving your work at work? Taking your work home with you only adds stress to your life, and it further reduces the amount of time you get to spend with the people you love, as well as on your hobbies and passions.

DeClutter Your House

A cluttered house leads to a cluttered mind. For a total replenishment, internally and externally, how about you declutter your house?

This means sifting through your wardrobe and getting rid of unwanted clothing. It means putting all your CDs and DVDs back in their boxes before deciding which ones to get rid of. It means clearing out your bathroom cabinet, basement and garage.

Afterwards, you’ll feel a whole lot better.

Say No To People

If you felt as though you gave too much of your time away in 2015, it probably means that you need to start focusing on yourself more in 2016. This inevitably means that you’ve got to start saying “No” to people.

This isn’t always easy at first, but once you start saying No to people you’ll begin to feel really empowered.

At the end of the day, you’re not obligated to make other people happy. You’ve got to live your life on your own terms, and if this means turning others down, then so be it!

Read Something Positive Each Day

When I went through a bout of depression ten years ago, my therapist combed through my reading habits. She saw that I was reading Dickens, Stoker, Stevenson and Poe.

Basically, I was reading all about the darker side of life, which she said was exacerbating my depression.

She told me to read at least one positive thing each day, whether it be a quote, an entire chapter, or a self-help book. I did, and the results were amazing. I felt uplifted and no longer buried my head in depressing literature. I started to feel energised and renewed.

You should try this, too. Reading something positive is awesome for your soul, especially if you do it in the morning.

Learn More

The great American investor Warren Buffet said that the more we learn, the more we earn. While making more money shouldn’t be the sole reason you learn more, we truly live in the age of information. Basically, the more knowledge you have, the more useful and powerful you are.

Knowledge fills you with wisdom and makes you feel awesome, and it also adds extra skills to your resume. The more you know about anything, the better a chance you will have of improving your social circle and landing the job of your dreams.

Travel Somewhere Different

When we were kids, my parents would take me and my sister to the same resort each summer for our vacation.

“Aren’t you bored of the same place?” I asked when I became a teenager.

“Where else is there to go?” they asked.

Looking back, that is such a depressing thing to say! If you want to become a better you in 2016, I totally advise that you get away from the same old same old and explore somewhere new. Try a new city or even a new country. See something different that challenges your perceptions.

Spend Some Time Away From Social Media

One of the reasons our emotions are negative is because we spend too much time on the Internet. When we’re not jealous at other peoples’ amazing lives on Facebook, we’re anxious because someone hasn’t replied to us on a dating site. Then, we get stressed because we made an awesome status that no one replied to!

In 2016, why not spend some time away from social media? Doing this will allow you to use your time more productively, and your emotions definitely won’t fluctuate quite so much.

Take A Few Risks

Fortune always favours the brave. Successful people are people who followed their dreams and won, but every victory in life starts with a bit of risk and dare.

If you’ve got a dream you’ve been dreaming for a number of years now, what’s stopping you from finally taking a leap of faith this year? It could make a for a much better, happier you.

Meet New People

When I left university, I had three years of social turmoil. All my friends moved back home, leaving only me left in the city. And because I’d given up drinking, I found it really hard to meet new people.

Eventually, I got creative and found new ways to meet people. I started going to networking events, as well as evening classes. Doing this put me in touch with like-minded people and extended my social circle. Life was awesome again.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

2015 might have been a drab year because you remained in your safe, comfort zone. You didn’t take risks but instead did the things you’d always done.

But familiarity breeds contempt. In 2016, if you want to become a better you, you might have to leave your comfort zone. You might have to take risks and try things that usually scare you.

This could mean trying a new job or moving house. Whatever it is, leaving your comfort zone is refreshing and will help to make you feel invigorated again.

Eat Better

Even if you’re happy with your body weight, there are still changes to you could make to your diet that will improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing.

If you’ve been subsisting on a diet of junk food for too long, 2016 could be the year you finally kick the habit.

Or maybe you’ve been thinking about going vegetarian or vegan for the last few months? Now is the time to adopt a more positive diet.

Be Grateful For What You Have

Too many of us spend a lot of time dwelling on the things we don’t have rather than appreciating the things we do have.

You have a lot of things going for you in life right now: Perhaps you have friends, a job, skills, imagination, talent, a future to look forward to, a house, a partner, a car and so on.

Remember that there are a lot of people out there who would love to have even half of what you’ve got. So smile and be joyful for the fact that you have what you have.

Wake Up A Little Bit Earlier

When we wait until we really have to get out of bed, we inevitably end up rushing around to get everything done before we get to work. We rush in the shower, quickly make some coffee, and often head out of the door without eating breakfast.

But waking up late can easily make us frustrated, and it means we’re getting the day off to a bad start. In 2016, why not wake up just 30 minutes earlier so that you complete your early chores with less stress?

Write Down A Few Goals

All too often, we get to the end of the year and think, “Huh, I really didn’t achieve all that I wanted to this year!”

One of the reasons for this is that we neglect to write down our goals. If you don’t write down your goals, you don’t know what you’re aiming for. Consequently, you drift through the twelve months having an okay year but not a great year.

Make this the year you finally achieve something you want by spending some time to write down your goals.

Stay happy!




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