20 Good First Date Ideas … And It’s Not Sitting At A Restaurant

dateHow many times have you arranged to go on a date with someone, only for them to suggest popping to a bar for a drink? It was cool the first time around, and it was even okay the second time. But by the time the tenth guy suggested you should both go for a drink, it’s all of a sudden not okay.

It’s boring and unhealthy!

Naturally, you now want to try something different. But what?!

Although it can be a struggle to keep on coming up with fresh dating ideas that don’t involve bars, restaurants, the cinema and his mom, for the sake of improving your chances of the date actually being successful, perhaps it’s time you took a look at our list of 20 fun, good first date ideas.

If you spot a bar in there, we promise a full refund!

1. A Cooking Class

Okay, food is great on a first date but food in a restaurant is a little uninventive and it can even sometimes be a bit awkward.

And because going to his house to let him to rustle you up an edible treat is even more awkward, why not do something fun and involving, such as a cooking class?

Cooking classes encourage conversation and fun, and they always end up as a giggle once you create the world’s worst soufflé.

2. Try Wine Tasting

Another one of good first date ideas is to try wine tasting together. Like the above suggestion, this one is a variation on a well-worn dating theme: drinking. Instead of taking your date to the local pub, why not take them to a wine-tasting session so you can get merry in a totally unique situation?

Wine tasting sessions can be a little expensive, and if this is an issue for you, how about DIY wine tasting? You could both bring along 2 bottles and enjoy trying each bottle of wine, writing up notes and pretending you’re an expert. Just don’t confuse your Clarets for your Bordeaux’s.

Oh, wait …

3. Go To A Theme Park

If you’re both prone to a bit of adventure and thrill-seeking, what better way to get your kicks than at a theme park? You’ll have lots of fun and there’ll be plenty of opportunities for conversation, ice cream and snacks.

Even better, if the chemistry between you both is good, he might even put his arm around you on the ghost train.

Unless he’s a big softy. In which case, you’ll have to do the honours.

4. Go For A Bike Ride

Providing you can both ride, a lovely, idyllic bike ride is another one of good first date ideas. You’ll be getting out and about, exploring new places together, and there’ll be lots of opportunities for conversation.

Moreover, you could also take a picnic along and eat in the great outdoors. This kind of situation can really encourage bonding and you could even race one another for a bit of fun.

5. Have A Coffee Walk

Everyone who enjoys coffee, walking and conversation loves a good coffee walk. Rather than sit indoors at a coffee shop, why not head outside with a pair of takeout coffees and go for a lovely stroll and chat?

Even better, if you choose a destination both of you are unfamiliar with, it can encourage a sense of adventure. And if you get lost, it means you get to create an awesome, funny memory!

Unless you get REALLY lost.

6. Get Lost

If you have no problem with the idea of getting REALLY lost on a first date, then why not pick a town you’ve never been to and go explore it together? This will open up moments for conversation, and it will help you both build a sense of teamwork and bonding.

You don’t need to actually get lost (though it can be fun – until it gets dark at least), but just exploring new shops and landmarks is a great way to spend a first day together.

7. Try Karaoke

Another one of good first date ideas is to go to a karaoke place together. Okay, this one is for the extroverts. Naturally, not everyone is prepared to get up and belt out a Whitney Houston song even when they’re hanging with their friends. So they’ll be doubly wary of getting up there and cracking out a tune or two on a first date.

If, however, you really want to try something different and have a good laugh, karaoke is an awesome suggestion. You’ll entertain one another, exchange banter over your strained vocal chords, and you could even try a romantic duet.

8. Go For An Early Breakfast

Few people are morning folk, and if you suggest to your date that you both should meet mega early, they might groan to themselves and think you’re insane.

But if you can convince them that making the effort to eat breakfast before anyone else has arrived, you could find yourself having a ball. Not only will you be impressed by one another’s effort, but you’ll also have plenty of time to yourself to chat.

9. Have A Bash At The Arcades

Next one of good first date ideas is to have a bash at the arcades. Arcade games are a fantastic way for both of you to get involved with something interactive that is fun and competitive at the same time. You’ll laugh as you each make mistakes, and you’ll both be determined to outdo the other.

Arcade games foster entertainment and they’re an ideal way of creating memories of a fun-packed first date. You could even create a mini tournament, such as best out of 5 wins.

10. Volunteer Together

Here is another one of good first date ideas – volunteering. We suggest volunteering together at a soup kitchen, but there are plenty of other places you can volunteer. If you choose to volunteer at a soup kitchen, you’re basically working side by side together all day long. And just like super-cool work colleagues who hit it off immediately, your day will sparkle with conversation and laughter. Working together at a soup kitchen gives you the ideal platform from which to get to know one another, and you’ll both feel positive knowing that it’s all for a good cause.

11. Break Into A House

You probably wonder how breaking into a house can be in the list of good first date ideas. Okay, we’re not actually telling you to break into someone’s property. But houses that are in the process of being built but which are not attended can make for a pretty fun thing to do on a first date, if you can just stroll inside.

You basically get to play house in a house that has no owner yet, and the chance that you might just get caught increases the risk and sense of fun and adventure. If you use your imagination, you can also discuss furniture ideas together, as well as wallpaper. Try it, it’s fun!

12. Play Truth Or Dare

Okay, we know this is probably something you did way back when you were ten years-old, but playing truth or dare on a first date can certainly mean there are no awkward silences, and it can fill the gap if there is a lull in the conversation.

Plus it can be downright entertaining! You may find that you both open up more with one another and feel more at ease. And the bonus? You might get the chance to dare them to kiss you at the end! (We mean the cheek kiss, of course! It’s just your first date!)

13. Go To A Bookstore

Next one of good first date ideas is to go to a bookstore together. We prefer used bookstores, but you can definitely go to a brand new bookstore if you like. If you’re both into books, hitting a bookstore can be a really romantic way to set things in motion. You can share books you both like, recommend one another books, and you can have a whole lot of fun stumbling across new material you’re both interested in.

Bookstores are a great place to connect, and you may find that you have much more in common with your first date than you even expected.

14. A Picnic Underneath The Stars

This is one of those good first date ideas which is also super romantic, and you might even think it’s too romantic for a first date. But if you’ve already got the impression that you’re really going to hit it off with this new person, and you want to do something different, a picnic beneath the night sky might be something that is really amazing.

A night picnic is certainly something very different and it gives you the chance to create an awesome memory with your new date. Night picnics are different to anything else, and you might even get to wish upon a star!

15. Be Crafty

Ever fancied taking a pottery class, or a painting class? Well, if your date feels the same way, now is your chance!

By taking a craft class together, you’ll get the chance to bond, communicate, and praise/laugh at one another’s finished pieces. You’ll also learn about how impressive he is with his fingers. And if he’s really rubbish, well, that just means he’s adorable, right?

16. Head To An Aquarium

Next one of good first date ideas is to go to an aquarium together. In fact, if you can find an aquarium that combines sea life with creepy crawlies, you’ll have even more of a blast! Going “oooooh” and “aaaaah” at all the different fishes and spiders is a great way to have a blast on a first date. Plus you’ll also get the chance to hold tarantulas and take a photo of your date looking terrified as a snake coils itself around their neck. Awesome!

17. Hit The Beach

What better way to ease the pressure and relax than by hitting the beach? Just watching and listening to the waves whilst the sun beats down on you is enough to settle you both down and make you feel more comfortable with one another, and for this reason heading to the beach on a first date is becoming a popular choice.

There are also a range of fun activities to do too, such as building sand castle together and eating ice cream.

Just don’t be one of those who always has to sit there reading a book. He won’t appreciate it!

18. Go Fish!

Good first date ideas shouldn’t always be overly complicated. Fishing can sound boring, but it can actually make for a pretty amazing first date. See, fishing is very idyllic and tranquil, and particularly if you hire a boat it’s just the two of you in the middle of a lake for the entire day. Sounds romantic, right?

The best thing is he’ll put his arms on yours if you land a big one and can’t reel it in. In this way, fishing promotes communication and a feeling of excitement and anticipation. You can’t go wrong!

19. Climb Into A Hot Air Balloon

If you neither of you mind heights and you both love a cheeky glass of champagne (or 2), why not hop into a hot air balloon and check out some stunning views?

Drifting in a hot air balloon makes for an amazing first date, and it certainly encourages conversation. Plus, if you take some alcohol up there with you you’ll be much more in the mood for having a good old chat and getting to know the new person.

20. A Gig

A gig might not allow for the chance of conversation during the music, but there will be plenty of time before and after the concert.

If you choose to go to a watch a band that you both love, you’ll certainly be creating an awesome memory and having an absolute ball. Even better, if he’s inviting you to watch a band he loves, he’ll be so grateful to you that he’ll love you for ever.

Which is great if you really like him!

Whatever you do, and wherever you go, one of the best ways to make the date really memorable is to buy one another a souvenir, so that you can remember the date for years to come. It could be a prize you won at the theme park, or it could be the painting you painted at the art class.

source: beautyandtips.com