water1) Water is a necessity not only for the beauty and health of our body but also for our survival, because a person can live less than a week without water, while without food – more than a month.

2) Drinking water is essential for the proper functioning of the body and circulation, because water is a primary transportation mode for all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients in the body.

3) Drinking water helps to boost the metabolism and regulate the appetite, and thus, to maintain healthy weight.

4) Dehydration can lead to headache, low energy levels and fatigue, this is why drinking water is essential for being efficient and energetic.

5) Water hydrates the organism, as well as keeps our skin healthy looking and clean, this is why the beauty of our skin depends on drinking water.

6) Drinking water is necessary for our digestive process.

7) Your body consists of about 80% of water and if you loose even 1% of it, you will feel big thirst.

8) Water is the main source of energy for our brain and body.

9) Your blood needs water to create new healthy cells, because your blood is more than 80% water. And actually, every cell of your body requires water to function properly (the brain cells are also included).

10) Water is the fluid that moves waste out of your system and helps to eliminate toxins. So, drink more of it!

11) Drinking water helps to balance the temperature of our body.

12) Water boosts our immune system and helps it to stay strong and, thus, drinking water can prevent many illnesses and help us to stay healthy.

13) Pure water is the healthiest, the most natural and the most beneficial beverage in the world, it doesn’t have any side effects, nor any calories :).

14) Many people eat when they are actually only thirsty. If you drink plenty of water regularly – you can easily distinguish and separate those two different feelings: hunger and thirst.

15) Water is a natural remedy form headache, because migraines, for example, are often caused by dehydration.

The list of reasons for drinking water can go on and on…Thus, we understood that drinking this fluid of life has abundant benefits and is very necessary for the healthy functioning of your body.

Some people advise to drink 8 glasses of water a day, while others suggest to drink 1,5-2 litters. I would recommend to listen to the needs of your body and get a professional advice from your doctor.

source: beautyandtips.com