12 Labour Unions to strike over pension contributions


Twelve Labour Unions are planning to embark on a strike over the transfer of their tier two pension contribution this week.

The twelve, including the Ghana Medical Association(GMA), representing doctors and the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) are demanding an immediate transfer of their pension contributions to their private fund managers.

The Chairman of the Forum of Public Sector Labour Unions and Executive Secretary of CLOGSAG, Dr Isaac Bampoe  told Citi News the unions have given government Tuesday to make the transfer or face their wrath.

“Our demand was that the second tier should be transferred to our custodian banks but as we speak now, nothing has been done…If it is transferred tomorrow then we do not have a problem but if not then we will have a meeting on the 16th to decide the way forward.

The communique that was issued was very clear that if by 16th nothing happens then we are going to lay down our tools. What we are saying is that the money should be transferred to our custodian banks.

We started this fight two years ago,” Mr. Bampoe said. Meanwhile the National Labour Commission (NLC) says it has not received any formal notification from the twelve labour unions about their intended strike.

The NLC said it will therefore be illegal for them to embark on such an action. “As we speak no party has presented that particular dispute for resolution to the National Labour Commission. We have to receive notice from GNAT.

We also have to receive notification from the Concerned Teachers before they can take such a decision.”


Source: citifmonline