fffWe might often think of women as the ones who have to put a lot of thought into their style and grooming. However, the truth is that men have just as much to consider. From “beard or no beard” to whether or not to follow the trends, men have plenty to think about when they’re trying to stay in style. Here are five fashion tips for guys:

1. Beard or No Beard?

Women need to decide how they want to apply their makeup. In the same vein, men have to decide what facial hairstyle is best for them. There are a few factors that should go into deciding whether or not you want to rock a beard, including what’s best for your face shape, what your partner prefers and whether or not facial hair is acceptable for your profession. Weigh the pros and cons in deciding whether or not a bearded look is right for you, instead of just going with what seems to be the trend.

2. Following vs Not Following Trends

Trends are always changing in the fashion world. While women might obsessively follow fashion trends, men shouldn’t necessarily try to follow each and every men’s fashion trend. Sometimes it’s better to stick to a classic look, instead of trying out that new neon-colored messenger bag.

3. Good Grooming 

The easiest way for a guy to stay fashionable is to maintain good grooming. Whether it’s regular appointments with your barber or just finding the right cologne, even a little bit of effort will pay off.

4. Tailor Your Clothes 

The easiest way to take a basic suit and turn it into a fashionable look is by seeking the help of a tailor. Men who know how to dress know that no suit is perfect when it comes off the rack; instead, it has to be tailored to get that perfect fit. Spending a little extra on tailoring services is crucial.

5. Upgrade Your Footwear

No ensemble is complete without the right footwear. Ditch your cheap or poorly made shoes and find a great pair that will really pull your look together. Furthermore, keep shoes shined and cleaned for that truly polished look. If you follow these basic tips, you’re sure to stay in style.

There’s nothing wrong with a guy taking a few small steps towards becoming a more fashionable man; not only will you look and feel better, but women will definitely start to take notice as well.

source: beautyandtips.com