llllllWe can all make mistakes and say things that we don’t really mean, but sometimes sorry, really is the hardest word to say and, at other times, sorry just isn’t enough.

Whether it is a friend, your partner, or a family member that you have upset, finding the right way to say sorry can very quickly heal the wounds and get everybody smiling again. So, if you need to swallow your pride and give someone that you care about a heartfelt apology, here are ten really sweet ways that you can say sorry.


1. Write them a letter

Sometimes a face to face apology can be tricky, especially if tempers are still running high. Take the time to write down in a letter just how sorry you are and how much you still care about a person, it will show that you are sincere about your apology. It will also give the other person time to think more about what you have said and it will make your apology sweeter and more meaningful.

2. Admit that you were wrong

Sorry doesn’t mean a great deal if you still insist you never did anything wrong. Simply saying: “Sorry, I was wrong”, will make the apology more sincere, so forget your pride and own up to your mistake. Whatever means you use to show how sorry you are, it will be all ten times more effective if you combine it with honesty.

3. Say sorry with food

One of the cutest ways to say sorry, especially if it is your man that you have upset, is to cook his favourite meal for him, or get in his favourite takeaway. Even buying him a cupcake and placing an apology note on the box will sweeten up the apology nicely for him. It will take the sting out of any fight and he won’t be able to stay angry with you when you have gone to all that trouble for him.

4. Do some chores for the person you have upset

Do something nice for the person that you have upset and take some of the load off their shoulders. Arguments between partners are quite often about who has, and who has not, done their fair share of the chores, so putting that right can be the best way to apologise. In any event, doing something to make a person’s life a bit easier is just a nice way of showing how sorry you are.

5. Give them a big hug

Most people cannot resist a hug and that will usually clear the air of a fight. Wrap your arms around the person and tell them how sorry you really are. That should heal a few wounds and put everyone back in a good mood.

6. Leave a note somewhere unexpected

If you are going to say sorry with a note, then leave it where the person will find it unexpectedly. This is especially useful if you both work long hours or your schedules don’t match up. You could leave a note on the bathroom mirror, on the windscreen of your partner’s car. It’s better than just leaving an issue unresolved and it will let them get the day off to a good start.

7. Say sorry online

If you want to say sorry online, then post a picture of yourself on Facebook with an ‘I’m so sorry’ sign or send a tweet. It might sound a bit too public for some people, but no one needs to know what you are sorry about. Who knows, your message might even go viral and then no one could ignore your apology.

8. Use the puppy dog look

Just look at the person you have upset and pull your best puppy dog face. When they look at you, they will most likely smile and that’s when you jump in with your apology. No one can stay mad at sweet puppy dog for long, so follow their lead and your cute puppy dog eyes will soon get your apology accepted.

9. Send them a gift at work

If you still haven’t resolved an agreement before your partner goes off to work, don’t’ let the problem fester all day; send your apology, along with a gift to where he works. It could be flowers, chocolates or even a singing telegram. Just be sure that it will soften his heart enough for him to forgive you, and not something that will embarrass him and make him even madder at you.

10. Tickle him into submission

So long as whatever it is you did wasn’t too serious, an attack of tickles and kisses will usually get a man to listen to an apology. This is usually one to use after things have calmed down a bit, so just make sure that you don’t annoy him even more by trying to lighten the mood too soon.

source: beautyandtips.com

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