rrrIt’s not always easy to know if you’ve landed Mr Right or just another plain old Mr Loser.

Sometimes it’s not even easy to tell if you’ve got Mr Right instead of Mr Lazy, Mr Fake or Mr Arrogant. They all seem the same at first!

This is largely because guys can seen compelling at first, drawing us in, making us fall in love – before showing their true colours. They say love is blind, and when you’re on the hunt for Mr Right, it can certainly seem that way.

Particularly when “Mr Right” begins his 8-hour video game marathon with the lads, when you were pretty sure that Mr Right would be taking you for a romantic weekend getaway right about now.

To help you out, let’s take a look at 10 ways in which your Mr Right will distinguish himself from other guys.

1. He Engages Your Brain

We all want a man who makes us think. What we don’t want is some douche who makes his decisions unthinkingly, as though he’s simply flicking on a light switch.

If your man is someone who you can talk to about everything, from politics to holidays, art to your mother, you know you’ve found Mr Right. He should be someone you feel comfortable talking to, and he should be someone who tests your mental capabilities. As opposed to boring them like Mr Boring Pants would do.

2. You Can Always Trust Mr Right

One of the enduring qualities that Mr Right has is honesty. You can trust him, not just with your car keys, MacBook Pro and horrendous gym card photograph, but also with your life.

At first, it isn’t always easy to trust a guy. Naturally, we’re all a bit anxious when we feel ourselves falling in love. We stop ourselves for a second and ask whether or not this guy truly is someone we can trust and depend on. But when you know deep down that you can trust a man, you know you’ve found Mr Right.

Aww, isn’t he lovely!

3. He Makes You A Better Person

There is a killer line in the romantic comedy As Good As It Gets, when Jack Nicholson says to Helen Hunt that she makes him “want to be a better man.”

Helen says it’s the best compliment she’s ever received, and she even begins to tear up. Even I tear up just watching her!

If a man makes you not only want to be a better person, but actually manages to make you one, you know you’ve got a keeper. Mr Right should make you better; if he makes you worse, you can be pretty darn sure you’ve got a Mr Dud on your hands.

4. He Appreciates Your Friends And Family

Your friends and family are quite possibly the most important people in your life, and for good reason. Therefore it’s absolutely imperative that your partner respects this and feels the same way about them as you do.

Mr Right is the guy who loves your family and friends like you do. He recognises how important they are to you, and works hard to be sociable with them. He’s pleasant around them, gets along with them and makes time for them.

Mr Creepy, on the other hand, is the guy who takes things too far and enjoys kissing your mother on the lips and such. Eew.

5. He Shouts From The Rooftops About Your Relationship

If you’re dating a guy who doesn’t seem comfortable with telling everyone that he’s in a relationship with you, alarm bells should probably be ringing. If he won’t tell Facebook, his mom or his friends about you guys, it’s probably because he either doesn’t expect to last long, to he’s got something to hide.

Mr Right, on the other hand, will be so proud of your relationship that he’ll be prepared to shout about it from the rooftops. He’ll hold your hand in public, kiss you in a restaurant, and declare his love for you on Facebook. And it won’t be long before he’s taking you to meet his mom. Go Mr Right!

6. He’s A Big Boy

You’ve probably already dated Mr Immature and Mr Irresponsible. They were fun-loving likely lads who didn’t have a care in the world. They probably showed you a good time, and no doubt you enjoyed a whirlwind fling. But when it came to the “adult” stuff, they went missing. Basically, they still got mom to do their laundry.

Mr Right is not like this. Mr Right is a big boy who can dress himself, make his own bed, and wash his own clothes. He’s a mature, responsible adult who still has fun when the time is right.

7. He Fights Properly

An argument is usually a good indicator of a man’s credentials to be a Mr Right. If he’s willing to listen to you and make compromises, this is a beautiful thing.

If, however, he goes absolutely insane when arguing and refuses to back down on his point until you’ve given up, then you’ve basically got Mr Crazy in the same room as you – and it’s time to show Mr Crazy the door.

8. He Looks After You When You’re Sick

Mr Right is the man who doesn’t go missing in action when you’re sick. If you develop a nasty cold which makes you nose go red and your sheets go green with mucus,  the right guy will stick around and nurse you through it. He’ll go to the shops for you, run errands, and make sure that you get back to optimal health ASAP.

Mr Wrong will go missing. He’ll shirk responsibility, and make excuses. Worse still he’ll tell you to “man up”.

9. He’ll Admit When He’s Wrong

We’ve all met Mr Arrogant. Mr Arrogant is the chap who absolutely cannot be wrong. It’s against God’s will or something. Mr Arrogant will never admit to being wrong, even when it’s blindingly obvious that he is. This guy is not Mr Right and is actually very difficult to live with.

Mr Right will hold their hands up when they’re at fault for something. Sure, it might take him a while (because no guy likes to be wrong), but eventually he will admit his error and apologise.

10. He Protects You And Doesn’t Posses You

No woman likes to be possessed by Mr Possessive, but unfortunately it sometimes happens that we date a guy who thinks we’re his property and won’t even let us talk to our guy friends.

Mr Right is the guy who will let you be yourself, but he will step in whenever you need protecting. He will defend your honor to the hilt, and he’ll make sure that you are treated right, not just by himself but by everyone. Including your boss.

source: beautyandtips.com